Corporate Sound

Corporate Sound

We designed and realized the entire audible brand presence for a range of companies in Europe. For these complex situations, our proprietary systematic approach proved very successful.

Furthermore, we are master agreement contractors with the Deutsche Telekom ”Product & Innovation” and contributed to their sound style guide and sound design projects.

Sound examples can be found and heard at the Corporate Sound section. We will be happy to present you case studies and conceptual works in a personal meeting.

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Various Sound Projects

Various Sound Projects

We have produced numerous sound projects for companies, museums, scenographers and agencies in the following fields. You can find sound examples in the sections Auditive scenography, real storytelling, sound design and innovation workshops.

- auditory staging for museums, shops, exhibitions

- sound staging for events, conferences, anniversaries

- sounds for product design and devices

- sound design for websites and apps

- telephone: design and production of whole telephone worlds

- audio-visual scoring (TV, film, radio, video)

- workshops with cinematic vision building programs